Dakota Chapter 2018 Best Paper and Poster Award Winners

Best Professional Paper: Comparison of Day and Night Electrofishing to sample Smallmouth Bass in Natural Lakes of Eastern South Dakota. Brian Blackwell, Todd Kaufman, Tyrel Moos, Mark Ermer, Steve Kennedy Ryan Braun

Best Student Paper: Comparison of hydroacoustic survey designs for coldwater forage assessment in a Missouri River reservoir. Nicholas Kludt, Brian D.S. Graeb, Mark J. Fincel

Best Professional Poster: (TIE) Comparison of short-term survival of electroshocked and ladder caught Chinook Salmon in Lake Oahe, South Dakota. Brandon Maahs, Hilary Meyer, Robert Hanten, Mark Fincel


Catch Raceway Escapement of Chinook Salmon at Whitlocks Bay Spawning Station. Dylan Gravenhof, Brandon Maahs, Hilary Meyer, Robert Hanten, Mark Fincel

Best Student Poster: Exploring Daphnia size structure to investigate potential for Rainbow Smelt and Cisco competition. Allison J. Shorter, Joseph M. Kretchman, Nicholas B. Kludt, Brian D.S. Graeb and Mark J. Fincel

Dakota Chapter 2017 Award Winners

Annual Awards:

David W. Willis Young Professional Award: Michael Johnson and Jeremy Kientz

Aquatic Conservation Award: Barnes County Wildlife Federation

Robert Hanten Distinguished Professional Award: Randy Hiltner

Schmulbach Memorial Scholarship: Calvin Rezac

 Sauger Scholarship: Calvin Rezac, Charles Mordhorst, Alex Sindelar and Jared Hintz 

Northern Pike Scholarship: Morgan Berquist, Ben Holen, Cooper Folmer, Alexis Getzlaff and Yari Villanueva

Robert Klumb Memorial Scholarship: Cooper Folmer (VCSU) and Nick Kludt (SDSU)

2017 Dakota Chapter Best Presentation Awards

Best Professional Paper: Joe Nett, Assessing land cover trends and water quality for North Dakota lakes.

Best Student Paper: Daniel Nelson, Development of a Fish-Based IBI for Lakes in Eastern South Dakota.

Best Professional Poster: Sara Reese, Effects of Short Term Storage on Chinook Salmon Sperm Motility.

Best Student Poster: Elizabeth Renner, The effects of small impoundments on headwater prairie stream macroinvertebrate and fish community structure.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Dakota Chapter 2016 Best Paper and Poster Awards

Best Student Poster – Feasibility of Oxytetracycline Marking Juvenile White Bass: Mortality and Mark Visibility.  Matthew A. Perion, Benjamin J. Schall, Casey W. Schoenebeck, Keith D. Koupal, and Bryan Sweet.

 Best Student Paper – Petri Dish Incubations of Landlocked Fall Chinook Salmon Eggs. Hannah Neumiller, Gretchen Blain, and Michael E. Barnes.


Best Professional Poster – Survival of Gizzard Shad after Dummy Transmitter Implantation. Hilary Meyer, Robert Hanten, Mark Fincel and Jacob L. Davis.

 Best Professional Paper – Airborne Formaldehyde Levels during Simulated Formalin Treatments in Vertical-Flow Incubators at a Production Fish Hatchery. Jill M. Voorhees and Michael E. Barnes.