Standing Committees

Northern Pike (Esox lucius)


Steve Chipps (Chair, SD)


Continuing Education

Dan James (co-chair, SD)

Greg Power (co-chair, ND)

John Lott (SD)

Dave Lucchesi (SD)


Schmulbach Scholarship

Nick Kludt (SD)

Zach Shattuck (MT) 


Environmental Concerns

Geno Adams (co-chair, SD)

Michael Johnson (co-chair, ND)


Student Affairs

Position Open (chair, ND)


Information and Web Support

Mike Brown (SD)

Hilary Meyer (SD)



Matt Ward (chair, SD)

Casey Williams (ND)

Geno Adams (SD)


Awards and Nominations

Casey Williams (chair, ND)

Position Open (SD)



Chelsey Pasbrig (SD)

Gene Galinat (SD)


NCD Walleye Technical Committee Representatives

Mark Fincel (SD)

Todd Caspers (ND)


NCD Centrachid Technical Committee Representative

Nick Kludt (SD)


NCD Esocid Technical Committee Representative

Brian Blackwell (SD)


NCD Ictalurid Technical Committee Representative

Dave Lucchesi (SD)

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