Standing Committees

Northern Pike (Esox lucius)


Paul Bailey (ND, Chair)

BJ Schall (SD)

Scott Gangl (ND)

Brian Blackwell (SD)

Continuing Education


Environmental Concerns

Jake Davis (co-chair, SD)

Michael Johnson (co-chair, ND)

Student Affairs


Information and Web Support

Liz Renner (SD)


Matt Ward (chair, SD)

Casey Williams (ND)

Jake Davis (SD)


Awards and Nominations

Scott Gangl (chair, ND)

Steve Chipps (SD)

Jeremy Kientz (SD)



Chelsey Pasbrig (SD)

Gene Galinat (SD)


NCD Rivers and Streams Technical Committee Representative

Joshua Wert (ND)

NCD Walleye Technical Committee Representatives

Mark Fincel (SD)

Todd Caspers (ND)

NCD Centrarchid Technical Committee Representative

Will Radigan (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)

NCD Esocid Technical Committee Representative

Brian Blackwell (SD)

NCD Ictalurid Technical Committee Representative

Christopher Cheek (SD)

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