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Did you know that the American Fisheries Society (AFS) is the world’s oldest and largest organization dedicated to strengthening the fisheries profession, advancing fisheries science, and conserving fisheries resources.  We…


Fisheries Magazine – February 2015

POLICY Roles for Everyone by Thomas E. Bigford VOTE Candidate Statements: AFS Second Vice President • Dale P. Burkett • Jesse Trushenski JOURNAL SUMMARIES   • Diet Shifts Detected in…

Fisheries Magazine January 2015, Stocked Piscivores, Discarded Red Snapper, Pallid Sturgeon Recovery, Climate Change Effects on Aquatic Ecosystems

Fisheries Magazine: January 2015

Highlights of Fisheries Magazine – January 2015 In this Issue: JOURNAL SUMMARIES • Stocked Piscivores May Be Tougher Than We Thought by Jeff Schaeffer • Increasing Survival Rates of Discarded Red Snapper: Best…

Fisheries magazine December 2014

Fisheries Magazine – December 2014

In this Issue: COLUMN President’s Commentary – Blogging Fish Science Guest writer – Dan Isaak Policy – Revisiting Hopes for Created and Restored Habitats Thomas E. Bigford   FEATURES Paleoclimate Shaped Bluefish Structure…

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Upcoming Workshop from the Instream Flow Council

Upcoming Workshop from the Instream Flow Council : April 2015 Portland


Fisheries Magazine – November 2014

Our Special Aquaculture-Themed Issue! In this Issue: COLUMN Aquaculture and the Science–Policy Continuum FEATURES Putting the Red Back in Redfish Lake, 20 Years of Progress Toward Saving the Pacific Northwest’s…


President’s Message – Fall 2014

Fall is my favorite time of year; leaves change color and fall to the ground, farmers are busy harvesting crops and many animals are out and about gathering food to…

74th Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference
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2014 Raffle

Spring 2014 Newsletter

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